Services and Production


In-country Transport

Along with the international freight transportation, DLV-SI Ltd. is licensed for public transportation of cargo and is working at full speed in another field of primary significance – transportation of any kind of loads in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

All vehicles have different technical features, accessories, loading capacity and functions, so that to meet the specificity of transportation of any kind of loads, including bulk cargo, inert materials, concrete, etc.

Equipment Quantity
Tow-trucks 34
Tip lorries 35
Semitrailers 15
Tipping semitrailers 23

Диплома - Ирена Добрева - управител на "ДЛВ-СИ" ООДInternational transport

Currently, the company disposes of 5 vehicles and 36 semitrailers (own and rented) – container trucks, licensed and fully equipped for international freight of containers that provides for reliable covering of all orders for container transportation on the route Sofia-Thessaloniki, being the most loaded destination, as well as to all other Bulgarian and Greek ports.

DLV-SI Ltd transports over 1100 containers annually providing for its customers the full range of modern container trucks suitable for transportation of all types of containers, including 20 and 40 feet containers for normal and refrigerated cargo, as well as such for special loads. The cargo and the cargo premises are insured according to the Convention on the Contract for the International
Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) and the policy coverage is valid for any freight from the moment of issuing the CMR waybill to the moment of discharge of the goods at the place designated as final destination. The up-to-date communication means are also part of the advantages of the company. All vehicles are equipped with GPS devices, thus ensuring reliable 24 hours connection and actual information to the company’s customers.

Equipment Quantity
Tow-trucks 34
Tip lorries 15
Tipping semitrailers 23

Transportation of Oversized Goods

In the recent years, DLV specializes in transportation of oversized goods – up to 250 t, which requires exceptional preparation and coordination. These freights have certain peculiarities and obtaining of specific permits, depending mainly on the size and weight of the cargo. Depending on the given dimensions the suitable equipment is selected, the route is prepared by assessing the possible obstacles on this route – narrow sections, sharp curves, low bridges or bridges of not enough load capacity of the structure, etc.

Just before loading, the selected truck is technically prepared for the particular cargo - extension length, width and height of the hydraulically controlled platform of the trailer, means of securing the load, signal lamps and distinctive boards. The cargo is escorted by escorting vehicle for providing safety on road.

Equipment Quantity
Platforms for oversized loads – up to 60 t 3
Platform for oversized loads – up to 200 t 1

Specialized Loads – refrigerated and powder-like

Equipment Quantity
Refrigerating trailers 2
Cistern for powder-like goods 1
Cistern for fuel and lubricants 1


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  • ЕТ Евгени Гайдаров – 93

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