Services and Production

Residential Construction

DLV-SI Ltd. and DLV Ltd. develop and fund their own projects featuring complex design, construction and realization of residential and administrative buildings, as well as execution of investment projects and intentions of its customers.

Both companies have long-year experience in execution of rough structure of buildings and established specialized teams for finishing works, whose professionalism and quality of performance satisfy the highest demands of their customers. The gained optimal ratio of high quality and price is due to the capacity of DLV-SI Ltd. and DLV Ltd. to offer full provision and reliable service with trucks and construction facilities used at the different stages of construction, own production of inert materials, concrete and concrete mixtures, team of high qualified specialists and selection of quality construction materials. Thus, they reach the required quality of the end product, which is extremely important for the residential construction. The proper execution of the projects is guaranteed also by the strictly established organization of interoperation of the different specialists working in the company and the close contact and continuous dialog with the investors and the end clients. Increased control of the quality is guaranteed both for the performance and the materials used.

DLV-SI Ltd. holds construction permits for the following categories:

  • I – 009560 – High level construction, its adjacent infrastructure, electronic communication network and equipment.
  • II – 002229 – Construction of the transport infrastructure.
  • III – 002446 - Construction of the power infrastructure.
  • V – 006379 – Separate types of construction & installation works according to the national classification of the economical activity, item 45 Construction of digital code: 45.11/45.12/45.21/45.22/45.23/45.24/45.25/45.31/45.32/45.33/45.34/45.41/45.42/45.43/45.44/45.45/45.50

I – 009560 - Строежи от високото строителство, прилежащата му ифраструктура, електронни съобщителни мрежи и съоръжения.II – 002229 - Строежи от транспортната инфраструктура. III – 002446 - Строежи от енергийната инфраструктура. V – 006379 - Отделни видове СМР съгласно националната класификация на икономическите дейности, позиция 45

Bronze certificate for second category buildings

Бронзов сертификат за втора категория строежи

Certificate from the Bulgarian Construction Chamber

Удостоверение от Камарата на строителите в България