Services and Production

Old Buildings Demolition

DLV-SI Ltd. and DLV Ltd. have long-year experience in old buildings demolition and dispose of equipment and qualified personnel for the following two methods of work:

The mechanized method is used for demolition of old buildings, which are completely separated from the neighbor buildings and there is no danger of affecting the neighbors.

The following equipment is used for old buildings demolition:

  • Excavators and mini excavators equipped with bucket, hydraulic hammer and hydraulic shear;
  • Front loaders for loading the debris;
  • Trucks for transportation of the debris;
  • Mobile cranes and mobile working platforms (used only if necessary).







The combined method for demolition of old buildings is the most often used. It uses manual knocking off at some places in order to separate the demolished building from the adjacent buildings, and then the work continues with the heavy machinery.

Equipment Quantity
Tow trucks 34
Tip lorries 35
Semitrailers 15
Tipping semitrailers 23
Mobile crane Grove - 120 t 1
Mobile crane Krupp - 80 t 1
Mobile crane Faun 1
Tracked excavator HYUNDAI 450 1
Tracked excavator HYUNDAI 360 + hammer + shears 1
Tracked excavator HYUNDAI 250 1
Tracked excavator KOMATSU РС600 1
Tracked excavator САТ 323 1
Wheeled excavator HYUNDAI 170 1
Backhoe-loader CATERPILLAR 1
Front track loader KAELBLE SL 22 (5 m3) 4
Front track loader KAELBLE SL 25 (4 m3) 2
Front track loader KAELBLE SL 18 (3m3) 1
Front track loader О&К (4 m3) 1
Front track loader CATERPILLAR (3,5 m3) 7
Front track loader LIEBHERR 1
Mini Track loader - GEHL + hammer 2
Vibro road roller 4
Asphalt paver 2
Road milling machine BITELLI 1