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The own production of inert materials, as well as the reliable service with trucks enables the company to propose unique complex service of full servicing of the customer based on “All in one place” principle. In this servicing concept, the point of loading and the starting point coincide and this allows offering of low competitive prices. By establishing the production of inert materials DLV-SI Ltd has become the only company in the territory of Pernik that closes the cycle of inert materials production and their transportation to the end user.

The inert materials produced by the company are certified by the Scientific Research Construction Institute “NISI” Ltd. with EC-Certificate of Factory Production Control №2032-CPD-09.79 and conform to the requirements of EN 12620:2002+A1:2008, БДС EN 12620:2002+А1:2008/НА:2008, EN 13242:2002+А1:2007, EN 13043:2002, EN 13139:2002 and EN 13139:2002/АС:2004.



Inert materials in production:
  • Fraction 4mm
  • Fraction 4 - 16mm
  • Fraction 16 - 32mm
  • Fraction 4 - 11,2mm
  • Fraction 11,2 - 22,4mm
  • Fraction 32 - 63mm
  • Fraction 20 - 40mm
  • Fraction 0 - 5mm
  • Fraction 0 - 5mm /washed/
  • Fraction 0 - 8mm
  • Fraction 5 - 15mm
  • Fraction 15 - 25mm
  • Fraction 5 - 25mm
  • Crushed stone 0 - 90mm
  • River sand
  • River flint
Equipment Quantity
Crushing sorting plant 2

Сертификат за инертни материалиСертификат за инертни материалиСертификат за инертни материалиСертификат за инертни материали


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